Five Tips to be an Effective Project Manager

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Five tips to be an effective project manager

Project Managers in the construction industry are a vital piece of any construction project.  The Project Manager’s role includes planning and overseeing progress of a particular construction project from start to finish.  Depending on experience and education, an average salary is about $84,000 per year and employment opportunities are expected to grow by 17 percent this decade, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

Here are five tips to being an effective Project Manager (this list is by no means an end-all-be-all list for project managers.  This simply serves as a few tips that may help):

1)      Be a leader

As a project manager your client and your support staff are looking to you for guidance on the project.  Embrace the leadership role and “drive the bus” in all aspects of the project.  By taking charge of meetings, the client will quickly understand your confidence in the role and will feel at ease knowing a true leader is taking the reins of their project.

2)      Effective Communication

Being a project manager is a lot like being the captain of an airplane. You let your passengers know when you’re taking off, how long the flight is, will there be any delays (weather, rough air), and when the flight is coming to an end.  Communicating effectively, both written and verbal, is very important in this role.  Just because someone talks a lot doesn’t mean they communicate well.  Get your point across on move on.

Listening is also part of the communication model.  This is an important communication tool people tend to forget about.  Listening to the client and other consultants is vital to communicate effectively to others.

3)      Big Picture

Keeping an eye on the 50,000 foot view of a project is necessary to understand the larger goals.  For instance, your project could be the first part of a larger Project.  Knowing the full aspect of the client’s entire Program should allow you to prepare your project accordingly.

4)      Solution Minded

There will be times when obstacles arise during the life of a project, it’s inevitable. The important part is how you react to the obstacle as a project manager.  As the leader, the goal is to find the right solution to move past the obstacle.  Keep your eyes on the ultimate goal, completing the project on time and within budget.

5)      Education

There are numerous certifications you can earn as a project manager.  Construction methods can change over time or new technology comes out that can aid the overall project process. Stay up-to-date by seeking out additional training and pursue those certifications if they are right for your career.  Once you have completed the additional training or certification(s) be sure to implement the skills your have learned on the current or next project. Implementing those skills could be the difference between you getting the next project of the “other guy.”

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