Jasmine Engineering Hired by Harlandale Independent School District for Programming, Project Management, and Commissioning for Bond 2015


SAN ANTONIO —The Harlandale Independent School District Board has hired Jasmine Engineering to provide three services to the district: Programming, Project Management and Commissioning for the 2015 Bond Program. These three separate services will be provided under the title of Total Building Commissioning Authority. The 2015 Bond Program includes the renovation of Carrol Bell and Vestal elementary schools, additional classrooms at some elementary schools, and resurfacing of parking lots. The total amount for Bond 2015 is $64.9 million. Jasmine Engineering’s fees for these projects are set at two percent for Programming, two percent for Project Management and one percent for Project Management.

Jasmine Engineering is a long-standing partner of Harlandale ISD, having saved the district more than $9 million since it began working with the district in 2007. Since that time, Jasmine has been hired seven times by the district in the past eight years. As project manager, Jasmine has managed more than 55 Harlandale ISD projects totaling more than $90 million dollars in construction costs. Additionally, Jasmine has provided Harlandale ISD with its services on Bond 2006, Bond 2009, the STEM Early College High School, the Harlandale and McCollum Health Science and Technology Buildings, new high school band halls and field houses, and the district-wide security project. The high school band halls and field houses, which were part of the 2009 Bond Program, are Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) designed facilities.  Rather than being renovations of existing structures, these four buildings are newly constructed, state-of-the-art facilities.

During Jasmine Engineering’s tenure as project manager, the savings it has realized for the district have been significantly greater than fees paid by the district to the company. The district has also benefited from no change orders due to mistakes, no cost overruns, and no schedule delays. All projects have been delivered on time or ahead of schedule and under budget. Additionally, though bond programs typically require five years to complete, Jasmine’s philosophy is to complete bond programs —from design to construction—in less than two years. For Harlandale ISD, all projects have been completed in anywhere from five months to less than two years.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with district, design professionals, and contractors to begin work on the 2015 Bond Program,” said Jasmine Azima, P.E., CxA, owner of Jasmine Engineering. “As the owner’s representative for Harlandale ISD, we strive to bring the children of Harlandale the best quality schools at the best price.”

About Jasmine Engineering

Jasmine Engineering is synonymous with quality and integrity. Jasmine Engineering was formed in December 1984 by licensed engineer Jasmine Azima, and is celebrating its 31st anniversary in December 2015. Jasmine serves government entities, educational institutions, school districts, health care providers, public agencies and private companies. The company’s philosophy for Total Building Commissioning Authority services is unlike any other company, with all services and certifications under one roof.  This integrated in-house team offers clients a more efficient service option that keeps costs low. For this reason, Jasmine Engineering is known for consistently delivering projects under budget and on time.  For more information, visit www.jasmineengineering.com