Home in Milam

The Milam Building in downtown San Antonio houses several businesses. For Jasmine Engineering it has been home for over 20 years.  This historic building has sat beside the Riverwalk since early 1928 and has watched San Antonio grow into the city it has become.

History was made in 1928 when the building opened its doors for the first time. The Milam building was made of brick and had a reinforced-concrete structure. It stood taller than any other comparable concrete-framed building in America. Surpassing any building in New York or Chicago.

Other than its impeccable frame and height, it was also one of the first buildings with high-rise air conditioning equipment. The building temperature was promised to stay at a constant 75 degrees, a major relief for anyone who understands summers in the South.

In May 2014, the building was inducted into the National Register of Historical Places for the advanced structure and technology that was used in creating this building.

We can thank the original progressive owner, engineers, contractors, and architects-all of whom were from San Antonio-that created the masterpiece that stands at 115 East Travis Street that proudly houses Jasmine Engineering.