More Money Saved for Bond Program 2015

At Jasmine Engineering we like to focus on saving money for our clients. Harlandale ISD, a client we have worked with since 2007, is a direct representation of money saving. We have helped save Harlandale ISD millions of dollars.

The 2015 Bond Program is no different. We have been able to save 1,328,757 dollars on the HISD Carroll Bell Elementary School and Vestal Elementary School based on reduced consultant fees (soft cost). An additional 66,438 dollars was saved on these same projects by reducing other consulting fees. The 2015 Bond Program also features the District-Wide Security Project. We have been able to save 1,423,855 dollars on the security project through negotiation with the Design/Builder on the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

To date, we have saved Harlandale ISD 2,819,050 dollars on the 2015 Bond Program. We look forward to using other cost-effective measures through the completion of these projects.

HISD BOND 2015 Logo.jpg