Jasmine Engineering Moving Headquarters

On December 1st, Jasmine Engineering will be celebrating it’s 32nd anniversary! In conjunction on that day they will be announcing their new project on the Eastside at 1434 E. Commerce Street.

“We are purchasing this, because we recognize its economic and geographic importance for the area. Our mixed-use building with our office on top and commercial space on the bottom will help promote jobs and economic growth for the Eastside. Jasmine Engineerings hopes to really jumpstart the growth for the community that will thrive economically and environmentally with our new green office building,” stated Jasmine Azima, principal of Jasmine Engineering; which is a project management and commissioning firm.

The site will become the new headquarters for Jasmine Engineering, which will be a two story facility that will provide leased commercial space on the lower level of the building allowing for further economic development. The Sterling Building housed various businesses until the 1970s; where it has since been abandoned after an economic decline along the corridor.

Jasmine Engineering, the new proprietors of the site is one of the first woman-owned engineering firms in the state of Texas. The firm is also recognized as one of the first woman owned commissioning engineering agent firms in Austin and San Antonio. Some of their major projects include the commissioning of the City of San Antonio’s Public Safety Headquarters, which won them the recognition of “Best Municipal Project” by the San Antonio Business Journal and achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification in 2015 by the United States Green Building Council.


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